If you are one of the people who like art and good shows in Las Vegas like those offered by Cirque du Soleil but have never heard of the neo-figurative movement, you probably are not alone.

But that does not change the fact that Richard MacDonald is shaking things up with his gallery inspired by the wonders of Cirque du Soleil. Play-Doh may be the measure of your sculpted knowledge, but you do not have to know a single thing about art to discover why it is celebrated all over the world.

We can not imagine a more striking theme than the superhuman and epic artists of Cirque du Soleil. MacDonald used these acrobats, dancers and contortionists to capture the essence of his movements, making sure to incorporate the muscle mass that most Americans do not have. You will wonder and wonder how the models got into those positions, but also how MacDonald recreated them so perfectly.

More than 70 bronze sculptures are presented in the gallery at the “O” Theater, some of which took eight years to finish. When you see them, you will know why. Because of their appreciation for the grace, strength and balance of the animators, many of their pieces are arranged at angles that will definitely make you tilt your head to the side.

MacDonald’s art can be found in the lobby of the “O” Theater, near the Bellagio Conservatory and in Gallery Row, across the bridge and outside of Crystals at CityCenter.