In the diamond market, color is important, yet the value of a diamond is based, in part, on the absence of color. The more colorless is a diamond, the rarer it is. In this industry, the rarity of a diamond reflects in its pricing. 

The most popular diamond colors in the industry are yellow, blue, red, pink, orange, green, black, purple, olive, brown, and the grey diamond, according to The Diamond Registry. Below, look at four most popular diamond colors in the market.

The Yellow diamond
Yellow diamonds, also known as Canary Diamonds are the most common form of colored diamonds. These are diamonds that have an obvious yellow bodycolor. Any such diamond with a rich and pure yellow color are considered a valuable gemstone, explains 

A yellow one!

The Blue diamond
The Blue diamond is considered to be one of the most beautiful gemstone in the world. It is rare, exquisite and mysterious. Natural Blue Diamonds are among the rarest and most expensive fancy colored diamonds; they are in dwindling supply and increasing demand adds Astteria magazine. 

The Red diamond
Red diamonds display red color and exhibit the same mineral properties as colorless diamonds. The color of a diamond becomes red when gliding atoms, during the formation, are pressurized. Red diamonds are rare as well, but experts say the natural red is the rarest. It is so rare that the per carat price is about 400 percent higher than the per carat price of any natural colored diamond.

Pink diamond
This gemstone is a type of diamond that has pink color. It is believed that the source of pink diamond is related to plastic deformation it undergoes during formation. The pink diamond called Pink Panther is the largest in the world. It is popularly known by MacGuffin of the 1963 film of the same name. Other natural colored diamonds in this color category are the Pink Promise, the Pink Legacy, The Argyle Alpha that have all set records over the years, these treasures and many other will continue to set records as they appreciate in the future. 

Pink Diamond.