Healthwear company expands post-surgical recovery bra in pink, leopard, chocolate, and caccia and pledges 10% of net sales to The Pink Agenda in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Care+Wear, a healthwear solutions company, bringing both comfort and fashion to patients undergoing treatment for chronic illnesses and the frontline workers who treat them, has expanded its line with The Believer Bra, a post-surgical recovery bra to include four new hues and prints. Starting this month, the fashion meets function bra will be available in pink, leopard, chocolate, and caccia, as well as black and nude.

With the arrival of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it’s impossible not to consider the emotional and physical toll that a breast cancer diagnosis has on patients. Dedicated to helping breast cancer warriors overcome those challenges, Care+Wear developed a recovery bra to help patients immediately following mastectomies, lumpectomies, cardiothoracic and reconstructive surgeries.

Designed with input from plastic surgeons, clinicians and most importantly, patients, The Believer Bra allows easy access to drains post-surgery and provides full adjustability for ultimate comfort, breathability, and ease of use throughout the healing process. The newly launched colors continue Care+Wear’s mission of creating clothing and accessories that will make undergoing treatment just a little bit easier and more comfortable. 

Features include a thick elastic band with two unique drain access points, front opening and strap closures via adjustable, luxe velcro bands for breast expansion, movement, and ease-of-use, while still providing the support one needs. The bra is made of an EPA-approved antimicrobial soft-fabric for breast and nipple reconstruction. Ice and cooling packs can be inserted into the interior pockets for added post-surgery relief. The Believer Bra is available in sizes XXS to XXL.

“We are finding that even after recovery, women are making this their go-to bra,” said Robin Page, Head of Marketing at Care+Wear. “Every woman, whether healing post-surgery or tackling the daily grind, wants a bra that is both comfortable and stylish. Our hope is that these new color options will give women the opportunity to express their individuality while the bra’s unique adjustable features enhance the wearing experience.”

Throughout Care+Wear’s site and social media you’ll notice those featured are individuals that need and use their products. It is of utmost importance to the brand that end users are the ones who are spotlighted. Care+Wear’s goal is to make their journey easier with one less item to worry about.

At a recent Care+Wear photoshoot, Morgan, 25, tried The Believer Bra and fell in love with it. At the age of 21, Morgan was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer and after three surgeries she is a survivor with the hopes of no more surgeries. Morgan shared that The Believer Bra is perfect for those who have undergone any surgery and highlighted that the adjustable straps are an irreplaceable feature. “After surgery people are helping you get undressed and dressed, and it just makes it so much simpler and more comfortable. I’m literally obsessed.”

Throughout the month of October, Care+Wear is partnering with The Pink Agenda to raise funds for breast cancer research with 10% of all net sales from The Believer Bra being donated.

“The Pink Agenda is committed to raising money for breast cancer research and care. We are fortunate to be a partner of Care+Wear, a brand that believes in our mission and shares our pledge for progress. This support will help us fund the groundbreaking research necessary to save lives and make breast cancer history,” shared Serra Eken, Managing Director of The Pink Agenda.