The City of Phoenix has a new online Public Records Center that aims to improve the overall customer experience with the public records request (PRR) process. The new system went online Monday, May 1 and offers improved features for both requesters and City employees who manage PRRs. 

Requesters will now have easier access to public records already available online and the ability to track the City’s progress toward fulfilling their requests. Additional enhancements include a Trending Topics section, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) with links to online resources, and a Public Records Archive. Visitors to the website are required to set up an account before they can submit a public records request. 

The new system is designed to standardize processes and eliminate redundancies for employees managing public records. Communications Director Dan Wilson says, “It’s a big advancement in the City’s ongoing effort to improve efficiency in fulfilling public records requests.” 

It’s important to note that PRRs submitted through the previous system are already in progress and should not be resubmitted through the new system. Duplicate requests will only delay the City’s ability to fulfill public records promptly. You can find additional resources and contact information for the City’s various public records divisions online at​