Since the opening of Phoenix Civic Plaza in 1972, art has been a crucial component of the facility. The Phoenix Convention Center’s robust public art display is composed of local, regional and national artists and a variety of mediums that can be seen throughout the facility.

This commitment to the arts is made possible through the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture Public Art Program. Carrie Brown, deputy arts and culture director with the City of Phoenix, said she and her team work to bring artists on board for the various capital improvement projects across the city. 

“Bringing artists to the table, allowing them to have a voice, is so important,” Brown said. “It’s more than building a public facility or a utility. Bringing in artwork makes us uniquely Phoenix and speaks to who we are. And it shows that we value the arts.” 

The Phoenix Convention Center & Venues has been steadfast in its commitment to public art. When the facility expanded in 2008, 10 new artworks were added to the existing collection​. Some of those pieces of art were integral to the design of the facility, like “Art is a Guaranty of Sanity” by Louise Bourgeois, that the West Building was constructed around it due to its size.  

​​“These pieces o​​​f art can make you pause for a second and take a break from the hustle and bustle when you are going from meeting to meeting at a convention,” Brown said. 
​​“There’s an experience built in there. Having these works of art give people something to connect with when they are here. That’s what is memorable to people when they are visiting a new place.”